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Loveland & Smart

Insurance Services, Inc.

Mission Statement

Who We Are-

We are a professional insurance organization serving to enhance the capabilities of our strategic partners.

Loveland and Smart Insurance Services, Inc. strategic partners include reinsurers and retail brokers who need a special place to go for experienced assistance. Our goal is to create customers by securing an account and maintaining repeated renewals for our client brokers who serve the self-insured employer. If we do this, the self-insured employer is assured of the best deal each year. We do this by staying current in the marketplace of a specialty product not generally encountered, excess workers compensation.

Loveland and Smart have reviewed over 15,000 submissions and counting, either as underwriters or aggregators. The principals have each specialized in workers compensation reinsurance for over 35 years. Unfortunately, that 35 years is not a combined year total. We occaisonally believe our success was and is built on a word of mouth reputation and venerable industry relationships.

What We Do-

Aggregator of business classes, as well as the line of business, Excess Workers' Compensation.

We help self-insured employers through their representatives, our strategic partners, large and small, who need an independent organization experienced with this line of insurance and current on the underwriting appetites of each market available. Our client broker is able to provide multiple options from multiple carriers to their clients. The best possible decision can then be made.

We provide our strategic reinsurer partners with a flow of accounts they want to underwrite. By aggregating various classes of business we may command better pricing and broader coverages. As a specialist, it is smart to have someone current with the marketplace, knowing who is doing what, when they are doing it and to whom. We are focused on risk transfer for self-insured employers as a way to economically handle their workers compensation liability. Independent, we are not affiliated with any national brokerages in-house wholesaler.